Saturday, May 21, 2005

"Project12" -- Discipleship Intensive!

Two dear friends are about to help launch a "Discipleship Intensive" with Jesus People USA Covenant Church. They've already roped me in as one of the speaker/teacher/whatever the heck we are supposed to be calleds. So here's their blurb on it, and I hope I'll get to meet a few of you soon as Project12 co-participants!
Glenn & Wendi Kaiser will anchor "Project 12", a ten-month JPUSA-based Christian Discipleship Intensive in Chicago. Project 12 is a response to the challenges of 21st century issues blending Bible courses, community/relationship training, interactive mentoring, and mission experience with an overall dollop of the arts crowning the entire year. Launch date: Sept. 15, '05. For more information email:

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