Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just Look

Just Look

Look at your woman, son
God did good, didn’t he, boy
When he formed that pretty creature
In the middle of her mama’s womb
Did God make her second rate, son
Second rate to you?
Is she somehow different flesh
Weaker flesh, woman flesh?
And you are?
Her master in this marriage bond?
Does your love condescend, son?
Do you love her like your dog?
Is that what you think?

Look at your woman, son
God did good didn’t he, boy.
So she is the handmaid of the Lord?
Are you more than the butler?
God said she was a helpmeet.
You take that to mean, then
That you are not
Well . . . ,
God said you were to love her.
Take that to mean then
She‘s got no need to love you
Ooo, Ooo, Ooo
What are you to do?

Look at your woman, son.
God did good didn’t he, boy.
Look in her eyes . . . up close
And listen to your heart.

- Curt Mortimer
The above was written by one of my dearest friends about another of my dearest friends (his wife). If it has a bit of a feminist tinge, well, what did you expect from this blog? As for the photo, those are my parental units, who model a love very much like the poem describes.

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