Thursday, December 06, 2007

You Are the Light of the World (Uptown)

A beautiful song from our Maron Gaffron... "Uptown"


james said...

Well Jon you've gone and did it. You've given my son Jedidiah more ammunition to come after me for not supporting Obama.

As a Hillary supporter and a true son of womens rights, I have to ask you why so many older (maybe wiser) women support Her. I'm sorry I've lived just a little too long on this earth to buy into retoric. I know what Bill accomplished for this country and I believe he will team up with his wife and together they will use their vast knowledge and experience to right the ship
jimp (older bud weiser)

Jon Trott said...

Hey, Jim! Wow, great to hear from you. Would you mind re-posting this on one of the new Obama posts? Maybe Jed can take you through it... I'm eager to talk more. Blessngs!