Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Do This, Don't Do That, Can't You Read the Sign

Underneath Lake Shore Drive on Wilson Avenue.

Some signs don't seem to signify. Our neighbors wish the homeless in the parks would go away. Yet they also wish the homeless shelters in our Uptown area, including ours, would go away. Trouble is, they themselves are homeless. They may not know it, and according to Soren Kierkegaard, those who do not know they are in despair are the most lost in despair of all.

That's the problem with cleaning the outside of the cup. It only lends the illusion of cleanliness. Meanwhile, those who cannot hide their despair are targeted by those who can. Thus, tragedy is piled upon tragedy.

A few additional notes of an unrelated nature:

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Cornerstone Press also has some great sales going on. Please take a look, we can use the support and you might really find some gems.

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