Friday, June 09, 2006

What Betrayal Does

No comment about this one. It came as is, and here it is.

What Betrayal Does

(c) Jon Trott, 2006

Carry that heart of splintered brick and wood
Feet walk a road between live oaks
Mud deep closes over his shoes
His long hair drips with rain that soaks
His mind’s eye sees her with the other
Open window, bodies twined, he chokes
Stumbles on the rutted road, unknown
Freezing in the darkened rain that cloaks

I saw his eyes so deep and distant
Eternal sorrow in one instant
Heaven and earth shake because
Of what betrayal does

His sad eyes move up beyond bare trees
They raise their arms in wordless pain
And he remembers her warmth against him
The night she left, long whistle of the train
“Time heals all wounds” – a lie with no comfort
His flesh remembers ever-fresh anguish
He falls against the ancient tree and clings
Lightning starts what won’t extinguish

I heard his prayers rise up as crows
Harsh screams and moans to full extent
All neat answers, sentiment falter
When suffering shows what evil meant

A woman gathering wood sees him
And drops her branches to bend low
Why are you here? She does not ask this
But bends beneath his weary bodied soul
She’s a servant of the Crimson Prince
And he the one with empty heart and hands
Gently she leads him like a beast or child
While rain and storm o’erwhelm the land

I felt his tears upon my face
Woke up to screams he knew were mine
All your words are knives to me
But her deeds prove God’s still Divine.

Christ’s suffering proves Love is mine.

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