Monday, October 16, 2006

Moving soon to

I've had the URL for for some time... but it is parked. I'm thinking of moving the blog from here to there, where I can also do audio posting and (who knows?) maybe some video posting as well. I'm also going to be doing some teaching here in Chicago at my home community, Jesus People USA, for the new "Project12" discipleship school JPUSA is sponsoring. So I'm not at all sure of a time table for all this. But do stay tuned. I've also got at least one more prominent Christian feminist on board for an interview, as I promised. She wants it done via phone, so maybe I'll have to bone up on Skype and record the whole thing as an mp3 as well as doing an edited version for readers.

Anyway... where have I been? On vacation. I'll try to get right back in the saddle, honest.

A few topics I hope to cover (which is not a promise):

* The "Jesus Camp" movie.
* N. T. Wright's "Judas and the Gospel of Jesus"
* A book by Henri Nouwen with fairly profound implications for this site's purpose... at least I will post some quotes, but I'd like to do a lot more than that.
* The afore-mentioned Christian feminist interviews.
* My wife and I journeyed through the giant garage sale that is "Spoon River Days" in Central Illinois. We had some amusing adventures with potential implications beyond the silliness.

And more... by God's grace...


Corey said...


I look forward to your assessment of Jesus Camp. You are one of the few people associated with evangelical christianity that I still trust. I've examined the trailer for this movie with fascination and horror. Most of the commentary on this film thus far has been predictably negative, but put forth by people who generally are hostile to believers. I haven't seen anything from intelligent believers. That's necessary for the discourse.

I now will return to lurking.

Lainie Petersen said...

Jon of the few trustworthy Evangelicals left.

We are all in BIG trouble!


Jon Trott said...

Corey, you have inspired me to post on "Jesus Camp" sooner rather than later. But as Lainie mentions, it really would be scarey if I was one of the few trustworthy evangelicals left. Hehehehe... and did you note the pun "evangelicals left" -- as in "left of center"? Okay, so I don't do humor. Sue me (smile).

Lainie Petersen said...

No, Jon, you don't.

Better stick to investigative journalism. :-)

Corey said...


Of course you're not the only evangelical (or someone who embraces that term) that I trust. But I must say that the number is dwindling (sp?).

I spent 4 terrible, horrible, awful years at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana getting the "evangelical kicked out of me." Now, some 12 years later, I'm starting to return to those roots. But the patent absence of honesty among some prominent self-proclaimed evangelicals sends me back into hiding. Reading your stuff here (as well as in Cornerstone Mag all during that period) helped he hold onto hope.

Keep up the good fight.... and your pun wasn't that bad.