Monday, January 29, 2007

Catching Up... Is not going to happen here.

I have spent the last month or more doing almost everything but blogging.

What I was entirely silent on, with current one sentence responses now:

* Saddam's execution and radicals who jeered him as he was hung: Like everything else about our Iraq misadventures, this miserable excuse for justice underscores just how inhumane and abysmally stupid the process has been.

* Bush's State of the Union address: Here's the prime example of why politics really should be the art of compromise, and the prime example of what happens when a politician mistakes not changing his mind with being right.

* Obama and Hillary getting ready to run: As an Illinoisan, where Hillary got her start and where Obama currently serves as Senator, the only satisfying ticket would be one with both of them (preferred: Obama as Prez, Hillary as Veep if she'd do it).

Republican candidates for President: Good luck Mr. McCain on that long-shot gamble re 20,000 more troops... I think you're gonna need it (though not as much as the soldiers will!).

* Evangelical support for President Bush: All I can do is hope and pray the record-setting erosion of Bush's support includes his support among evangelicals... but somehow, I doubt it.

* Massive budget cuts at Chicago's Cook County (Stroger) hospital and Cook County Jail's health programs: After extensive mismanagement of County funds, the current adminstration has chosen to "fix things" by targeting -- of course -- programs for the poor and imprisoned... after being elected months ago on a platform that they would NOT do this; we shall not forget this betrayal come the next elections, Mr. Stroger.

I've missed many other items... and the above is paltry excuse for commentary.


Koelpien said...

Well said, in few words.

Nothing on the passing of President Ford, though? Can you imagine Hillary sacrificing her political future for the good of the nation, like Ford did in pardoning Nixon?

Mrs. Clinton lost whatever shred of credibility she had with me when she arrived in New York a half-dozen years ago wearing a Yankees ball cap instead of a Cubs cap. If you're a Cubs fan, be a Cubs fan. If you're not into sports, that's fine, too. But don't pretend to be a fan of the local team when you're not. Maybe she'll change my mind in the next few years, but I would prefer to vote for Gore.

McCain is seemingly going down the same route as Bush. Perhaps a massive buildup to shut down the borders with Syria, Iran, and Packistan at the start of the war could have minimized external influences, but that train has already left the station. I want the maverick McCain back, who disagreed with Bush, not the one marching in lockstep.

Interesting how we don't hear anything about the much-ballyhood "Iraq Study Group" anymore.

Why aren't evangelicals chatising President Bush for the failed New Orleans reconstruction, in addition to the war? Didn't Jesus talk more about helping the poor and oppressed than he did about civil unions?

Koelpien said...

new idea for a bumper sticker:

"Who would Jesus torture?"