Monday, January 19, 2009

My Heart is too full to write

On this, the eve of a day with more hope in it than I feel I can endure (though endure it joyfully I will!), I have little to say. May the Lord bless our new President, Barack Obama, with wisdom and the integrity of humility. May we all hold on to this moment of hope in the days, months, and years to come as we face communal hard times. And may we all remember -- especially when disagreements re-emerge between us -- we are neighbors even in our deepest differences.

God speed to our new President, and may Christ heal our wounds.


Tom said...

Right on!

What you said, but in my voice and louder!

//bb bob brown said...

Y'all enjoy your slobbering love affair.

I wish PBHO success in only one area, that he do Right in every action and decision (not the Liberal thing or Conservative thing)

That's what I want for US not what I expect. But that is for another day...

"Hey Hey Hey, Goo-od Bye"


BigMama said...

Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful testament to hope. May God bless our new president!

Seeker said...

I have to say that some friends of mine were at the Inauguration.
They told me how true the Obama supporters were to their promise of not being nasty to those not of their party and moving on with Americans of all stripes.

The vile of these haters (and there were MANY of them) was seen and heard when they very loudly booed President Bush, but not only him. No, these vile anti-Americans even booed Barbara Bush, and Mrs Cheney.

Now that is inexcusable...simply inexcusable.

Why aren't any Obama supporters speaking out against the hate? (Or is the "no Democrat, no white, no black" simply a big lie?)

Anonymous said...

I think, what is it — a lie.

Anonymous said...

Excellent question