Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gorilla in this Room is Racism, Republican-style

As the far right's numbers continue to dwindle like a rain puddle on hot July pavement, the nature of those who remain seems increasingly clear. I have little to say on this one. Watch it.

"Michelle Obama's Ancestor a Gorilla" just a joke?


Seeker said...

Jon, I find your post to be quite dubious.

In particular, just this week a national poll indicated that Americans state their preferences as follows:

Conservative: 40%
Liberal: 21%
Moderate: 35%

This is proof that America is STILL twice as right leaning as it is left-leaning.

Next, your foolish implication that those who aren't liberal are racist is proven false.

1) The Democrats (ie - liberals) are the party of the KKK member Robert Byrd

2) Lincoln was a conservative and a Republican

3) Democrats are the ones who FOUGHT a very bloody war to KEEP blacks enslaved in America

4) When African Americans run under a conservative label (ie - Michael Steel, et al), they are constantly barraged by the leftist Democrats with names like "Oreo," etc. (I find it interesting that you don't care to stand up against your buddies who do this in the name of liberalism and democrat-ism)

This list can continue quite a while, but, you already know most of these facts, I'm sure.

I think honesty and truth ought to be MUCH more important than party affiliation...and Jesus requires that to be true in our lives.

Jon Trott said...


Your math is very fuzzy. When someone is moderate, it means they are in the middle. It also means they may or may not lean one way or the other. If, as the last election indicates, they lean left, that means your conclusion that "America is STILL twice as right leaning as it is left-leaning" is bogus.

Replying to your points:

1. Yes, Byrd WAS (not is) a KKK member, and thoroughly repented himself of that horrendous chapter. His votes, not just words, bear that out to some degree.

2. Lincoln was a conservative?!? What history books do you read?!!! Most "states rights" advocates directly blame Lincoln for the strengthening of the federal govt. at the expense of the states. This is pretty much standard conservative dogma. Check it out. (As a liberal, and an Illinoisan, I like Lincoln a lot.)

3. Overly simplified, but I get your drift. And yes, the Dems during and perhaps even moreso after the Civil War were segregation's best friends. But that changed, and changed a lot, before and during my lifetime. Roles were reversed... and the Republicans took the South.

4. This may be true of some folks, but not of me. I gave Bush kudos for making history w/ Condi Rice and Colin Powell. Steel is a lousy leader in my opinion, but I'm not going to diss the Republicans for picking him. Good on 'em... I just hope they can find some better leaders for their party, that's all. This current crop, regardless of race or gender, is both sad and scary.


Mike Adams said...


I often agree with your postings, but the one about Rusty DePass is going too far.

First of all, conservatism is NOT dying out. The fact is that the Democratic party controlled South Carolina politics for around 100 years before Republicans finally were able to break their control. These Democrats segregated the schools, psssed many racist laws, and insisted on flying the Confederate battle flag over the State Capitol. It was the Republican party which made a strong effort, after the Civil War, to encourage black people to vote. It was a Democratic governor (Ben Tillman) who re-wrote the state constitution so that black prople would be excluded from the political process. It was a Republican governor (David Beasley) who made the first serious effort to have the Confederate battle flag taken down.

Zell Miller has pointed out a strong anti-southern bias in the Democratic party, and your posting seems to confirm this. In actual fact, racial prejudice exists among liberals, conservatives, northerners, southernors, black people, and white people. Thankfully, it's not nearly as bad as it used to be.

Mundane Egg said...

In light of the Sotomayor hearings the racist antics of many of the Republican elite has shown forth. On my Facebook I started a discussion with "Rich white men are out of touch with most of America."

To make such racist statement about Michelle Obama or Sonia Sotomayor shows their racism but to do so publicly and to think it acceptable behavior shows their ignorance and their isolation from America, its values and the changing make up of our society.

The statistics that Seeker posts shows the proof - 56% see themselves as NOT conservative.