Friday, April 01, 2011

Helen Shiller Announces Change of Heart, Is Running as Write-In Candidate!

Photo (c) 2011 Tom Wray

elen Shiller, current Alderwoman of Chicago's 46th Ward, announced today that she is not retiring after all. "I made a mistake." Asked if it was a bit late to get into the race, she responded, "I can't disappoint my fans on Uptown Update, can I?"

She is asking people to write her name in. Curious, as well as eager to show off my knowledge of arcane political facts, I asked her how people could write her in on a run-off ballot. "You mean because write ins on a run-off ballot aren't allowed?" I nodded.

"I hadn't thought of that," she said, reflecting for a moment.

Trying to be helpful, I paused, then said: "Perhaps they could print it instead?"

April Fool's! ;-)

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