Friday, February 25, 2005

Karl Rove Fan Club

Sorry, but when I googled the above title, nothing came up. That had to be changed. So just for fun, I'll offer a few links regarding Mr. Rove and let the "Fan Club" offer more... let's see how long this list can get! I'll start it with merely one entry and see what happens.

Bush's Brain (According to this irreverent site, Rove is that brain; it's a little over the top!)

[Note: I changed the spelling of Rove's first name after being tapped on it by someone who actually double-checks such things. He/she posted 'anonymous' so I can't thank them by name...]

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Anonymous said...

Karl not Carl, though misspellings abound on the WWW. Try a search for "I Love Karl Rove." I'm not sure I should encourage this, but I can't resist.

Also, though Bob Herbert's article is a good one, he has to be the most dour person at that once-credible publication, the NY Times, in spite of his recent headshot update. Let's not give Bob any more press time than necessary.