Monday, February 28, 2005

Prisoners: America's Forgotten

Christians are told by Jesus to visit those in jail. In a time when so much is going on internationally, we may find ourselves forgetting this population.

A few articles worth reading of recent note:

Mistreatment of prisoners at the hands of privately-owned health care companies is documented by the New York Times.

The Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama's website. Bryan Stevenson, Executive Director of EJI, will be speaking at Cornerstone Festival 2005 on prisons, race, and rape.

Amnesty International's web site. (Their founder, Peter Benenson, just died Feb 25; he was 83 years old).

Is the Death Penalty really such a good idea? Morally and pragmatically, the Death Penalty Project suggests most strongly the answer is NO.

Possibly I'll add more later.

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