Friday, July 29, 2005

Hal Lindsey: Threatening American Muslims?

Hal Lindsey once said of me and Selling Satan coauthor Mike Hertenstein that we were either satanists or the pawns of satanists. Frankly, I was amused. But when the guru of end-times bestsellers fires off a salvo like this at peaceful Americans who are Muslim, I don't find such fascist-tinged rhetoric at all funny:

Islamic Fundamentalists are like parasites. They feed off the body of Muslim communities living among us. It does not take a rocket scientist to see what must be done. If the ‘peaceful’ majority of Muslims do not begin to actively and vigorously expose the radicals in their communities, then we, the people of the United States and United Kingdom will have to do it for them.

Where does Lindsey get this stuff? Jingoism is always a hit with some folks, I suppose. The problem (or one problem, at least) with jingoism is that it is always just one or two steps away from violent words inciting violent acts.

But Lindsey himself answers the question I had as I read his column. What, I wondered, was he trying to tell my Muslim neighbors was going to happen to them if they didn't comply with his version of reality?

According to Hal, if a nuclear or other major sort of attack comes from Muslim extremists, we're gonna take out entire Muslim communities.

When one of these attacks happens, a flood of rage will burst forth and nothing or anyone will be able to stop it. The law of the jungle will take over. Muslim communities who did nothing to stop the radicals among them will be the first targets.

We are tired of the ‘peaceful’ Muslims sitting by and doing nothing to expose the disciples preaching hate and jihad in their Mosques. There is almost a silent admiration of these fanatics on the part of some. Many allow their financial contributions to be used by the Jihad preachers.

We are getting weary of organizations like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) crying about civil rights violations when law enforcement organizations seek to carry on surveillance of Muslim communities. Since Muslims do not police themselves against the Islamic Fundamentalist parasites, we must.

No. This hate-mongering riff is absolutely unacceptable, even in this age of idiocy and illogic. It is also absolutely immoral from a Christian viewpoint. And lest defenders of Lindsey try the old line that he isn't suggesting this is a good idea, rather only that it will happen if we're attacked again, I say they lie. Lindsey is in fact using Muslims as the "evil other," who, like blacks, Jews, Catholics, and various other minorities in American history, have had to play scapegoat. Play? No, it isn't a game but rather deadly earnest.

Note the complete lack of any supportive evidence for anything said in his column. We're to believe that entire communities of American Muslims are covering up for terrorist cells. We're to believe that groups of Americans such as those involved in CAIR don't have the right to cry out when members of their communities are unfairly targeted. We're to believe that Christianity has become nothing more than an American fist or gun or prison cell -- "THIS is how we love our MUSLIM neighbor."

I, for one, demand an apology from Hal Lindsey, a retraction of this hate mongering. Either that, sir, or stop using the name Christian.


thegator said...

Jon, I've replied to a few of your posts, and enjoy reading your blog.

I followed your link to Lindsay's article, and I'm having difficulty finding anything about that article that reflects the teachings of Christ. Or am I just out of step?

On another note, I took my son and 3 other youth from our church to Cornerstone (our 3rd year), and enjoyed viewing your pics. It would have been great to meet you in person, but I didn't plan very well. Sorry about that.

You inspired me to start a blog at blogspot, called theGator5870, but I haven't written much.

Thanks for your posts.

Jim S.

Jon Trott said...

Wow... I inspired a someone to do a blog! What is this world coming to!? Hehehehe... Thanks, Jim, for the encouragement. And good luck with thegator5870; I took a look and all it needs is more (wink).

Taarna said...

Mr. Lindsey's questions for the Muslim communities on exposing suspicious persons could easily be turned around and pointed at any one of the various ethnic or religious groups in America. I mean, why weren't there any white people flocking to the police to turn in suspicious characters like Tim McVeigh? After the OK city bombing, I didn't notice any 20 something white guys being stopped randomly in airports, bus stations and subway stations. Why don't the neighbors of known Klansmen turn them in for their behavior? If we all acted like he's suggesting we would all be at each other's throats all the time. He's trying to demonize one set of people. That's not what Christ teaches. It's my opinion that he's letting his fear overtake him. His fear looks a lot like the fear of the people who demonized the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I don't know if I'm making much sense here. I think I'm rambling. I guess I just don't understand that kind of prejudice.

Adam B. said...

Well said... I'm increasingly less annoyed, and more frightened by what these "leaders" of conservangelicalism have to say.

Oh, I followed you here from a comment you left ad Bad Christian. I recognized your name, as a sporadic reader of Cstone mag and attender of Cstone fest. I look forward to reading you on a more consistent basis.