Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Links on Feminists for LIfe, more....

I've hyped the 33-Year old Feminists for Life before. In case anyone wonders why, here's one good reason.

Speaking of Feminists for Life, it turns out Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts, is a high-visibility member. The Boston Globe wrote an in-depth article on both the group and the woman, and the Washington Post wrote an even better one.

But what about John Roberts himself? Frankly, I presently know too little to do more than offer some links. MoveOn.org looks at him as a "right wing corporate lawyer" and therefore someone to be opposed. (Sometimes MoveOn's broad-brush approach to politics reminds me of, well, the Republicans.) The New York Times offers some more weighty reasons to feel uncomfortable with his potential social policy, including his close identification with harshly conservative positions during the Reagan years.

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