Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Safana Jawad Meets the Terrorists

Safana Jawad
(c) 2006 Jon Trott

Save your sweet words, your harsh denials
Safana Jawad came to see her son
You saw her scarf and took away dignity
Strip searched her for bombs and guns and fun?

Basically you're clueless 'bout what's going on
Afraid? We're more afraid of you than bin Laden
You're watching everywhere but inside self
Terror alert! Our freedom for your oily health!

Safana Jawad is on a plane for London
But in her heart and mind the damage was done
Mothers and sons the ones who always suffer
Just another little crucifixion.
Just another American fiction.

(For more on this little incident, check the first stanza's link.)

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cprj said...

This is really sad. Proof that a society ruled by fear, whether it's fear of the government or fear of your neighbor, is never a free society. As a side note I was born and raised near Clearwater, Fl. and remember people, for the most part, being very unkind to me; one reason I'm glad to be living in Austin!