Tuesday, November 07, 2006

bluechristian.com & redchristian.com up and running -- Plus, what election returns so far tell us

It seems appropriate this election day to announce the launch of a very bare-bones page -- inspired by this blog -- which will in the future serve as a front end for much if not most of my writing online.

Bluechristian.com and Redchristian.com both point to that page. Stay tuned.

As the election returns come in, one thing is very obvious. No spin, no equivocation, no alternate reality can protect the current occupant of the Whitehouse from what Americans think of his war in Iraq. Perhaps the Republicans will barely hold on to the Senate. But a sea change is in progress, one very promising to me as a "blue" evangelical. I see a number of Democrats, for instance, being elected to the House on a pro-life platform. Fascinating stuff! Frankly, I'm thrilled.

Those are my very rough notes, and I will certianly follow the blue pro-life folk as they enter the nation's political bloodstream. I'm hoping they're not just red-staters wearing a Democratic Party button, but instead are truly rounded folks with a new, break-out agenda focused on "the least of these" wherever such are found.

I also must admit I get a kick out of seeing Illinois Democrats so prominently part of the national scene right now, from Barack Obama to Rahm Emanuel.

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