Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Montana on CNN

Was I right? CNN still needs that lesson on Montana -- both geographically and politically. But they did this morning have a reporter interview the Dem's Senate candidate, Jon Tester, by phone. Maybe that's the best way to do it.

Choteau County, where my birth home town of Fort Benton is the county seat, did go narrowly for Democrat Jon Tester. Sure, he came from Big Sandy, also a small town in Choteau County. But for a Democrat to take that county is a major event. It has almost always been hard-core Republican country. Likewise with the rest of the state, until now. It appears Montana may end up being "blue" except for its lone Republican representative in the house...

Unless the message is received by Washington, I'd say Montana may be a bellweather of things to come...

It is possible the Republicans may still win the Senate seat. Right now, Tester is only 1,500 votes or so ahead. I think he takes it, though. And inside, this Chicagoan-once-Montanan is smiling.

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