Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Talking Stage? Cstone Fest's Newest, uh, Attraction

Don't know if you've perused the Festival line-up of speakers and topics yet. If not, check CstoneXchange blog for the newest listings (along the right edge of the first page in short form, or for a longer and more thorough treatment, the Seminars page). I must say, even though I've been point man on the past few years' speaker line-ups, Mike "Herky" Hertenstein's efforts this year are truly exciting. And don't forget Flickerings, the Imaginarium, the CBE Tent (where this blue Christian will be speaking on "Manly Men & Mutuality" and "Mutuality in Bed"!) and all the other great Cstone venues. Sure, there's music there also, but we all knew that.

Anyway, there's also another new attraction you can link to from CstoneXchange, or here, called the Cornerstone Festival Talking Stage. Got the conversational yen, the gift of gab, the verbose virus? You'll want to check this out. And I hope all my myriad readers (in the millions, of course) will look me up at the fest and say "Hey, I really dig Blue Christian!" or perhaps "You goddess-worshipping commie feminazi!" If you call me the latter, you have to buy me a cup of coffee first.

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Lainie Petersen said...


Now you are tempting me to come back to the fest!

Darn it.