Friday, April 13, 2007

Testing Flock Browser on my blog

Just a short note to blogging folk... I'm using the free download Flock browser (tweaked from Mozilla code to make blogging, photo posting, and the like easier). Initially I had trouble getting it to work with the newer software. But somehow (not sure how) I eventually succeeded in getting it to work right. In short, it has a blog editor of its own which one can cut and paste to from Flock itself, then create a final version which can be posted to any of whatever blogs one has.

This works best when web surfing on a certain topic you want to blog on. Just mark text, drag it to the bottom of the browser window, and drop it. It is pasted into the clipboard as its own file, which you then can at leisure paste into the flock blog editor window while working on your blog entry. Then, when quite finished editing the whole thing, a simple click sends it to the selected blog of your choice (as long as you are the blog owner or co-owner!).

It also allows for quick photo insertions and so on. Pretty useful, even in its pre-version 1 form. Guarded thumbs-up. Oh, it has a Linux version as well as a Winduhs one.


Evan said...

Hey Jon,

Thanks for the Flock love...hope it continues to treat you well!

Flock on,

Evan Hamilton
Flock Community Ambassador

evan at flock dot com

Jon Trott said...


Shouldn't I be the one thanking you? Hehehehe...