Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Illinois State Rep. Larry McKeon, friend of the poor, dead at 63

Larry McKeon, our 13th (formerly 34th) district state congressman, has died of a stroke related to his long-time struggle with both cancer and AIDS. Larry was the first openly gay congressman elected in Illinois (1997-2007). I personally knew Larry as someone vitally interested in the poor in our neighborhood, and was able to tell him "Thank you" for that work just a few months back.

His forward-thinking aid to our Chicago 46th Ward Alderwoman, Helen Shiller, helped her to establish both businesses and affordable housing during these lean and mean Bush years.

I'm sure a few readers are waiting for me (an evangelical Christian even if I am a lefty for the most part politically) to comment on homosexuality. That's a long topic and a complex one, and my sucky "Self-Inflicted" interview is probably the best place to go if ya really have to know my thoughts. It isn't impressive. But this is not about that -- it is about Larry McKeon, who did prove one thing. He served us as a public servant, not only with credibility but with heart.

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Anonymous said...

Anathema to your evil works you cursed hell-bound fool!

Anonymous said...

You should have been a lawyer who specializes in defending child molestors. Hell awaits you!

Jon Trott said...


I am sad that you feel so unloved. No, I'm not being ironic or mocking you. May God bless you richly today. May his love surround and fill you, and may you know that you are loved deeply and completely by Jesus Christ.