Monday, June 02, 2008

My homestate gets the honor of putting Obama over the top... maybe.

Depending on how many superdelegates today and tomorrow announce their votes for Obama, it is quite possible that my homestate of Montana will be his margin to win the Democratic Nomination. He's expected to easily win Montana's majority, but that fact is dwarfed by what else he could win: The Nomination. The craziest year of primary politics ever ends tomorrow, June 3, with Montana the last state still voting (its polls close at 8pm while South Dakota's close at 7pm).

Kinda nice for this Chicagoan, who has watched Obama's rise from the git-go, to see him quite possibly cement the Democratic nomination for President in the place I spent my first eighteen years. Montana as of late has shown an increasing openness to the Democratic Party, currently with a Democratic Governor (whom some have talked up as a possible Vice-President for an Obama ticket) and two Democratic Senators. A once reliably red state has changed colors rather dramatically as the world of McBush alienated so many Montanans.

In celebration of Montana's unique role in this election -- where indeed it proves the biblical adage that "the last will be first" -- I offer a T-shirt link (eighteen bucks, but worth it!) for anyone hailing from my homestate and/or hometown (Fort Benton "The Birthplace of Montana"). Just click the link below the silly logo below. And no, I get NONE of the money involved here...

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