Friday, June 13, 2008

Barack Obama Again Uses the Internet Wisely, This Time to Expose Smears Against Him

Once again, the Obama campaign proves that it is intelligent and quick on its feet. The new Fight the Smears site launched by them in the past few days ensures that "swift boat" types of smear campaigns against Obama -- whether by web site, mail-outs, Rush Limbaugh types, or emails -- will be responded to within hours, maybe minutes.

An astonishing -- and persistent -- twelve percent of Americans believe Barack Obama was or is a Muslim, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Fight the Smears offers evidence for those willing to overcome bigotry with sense. Oh, and about that rumor that Obama refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance? Another lie. Fight the Smears offers video of Obama in the Senate... pledging allegiance to the flag!

There's plenty more mud to be flung. Doubtless, as McCain's forces continue their attempts to misdirect the American voting public into debating stupid rumors about Obama instead of hard facts about John McCain and his good pal Dick Cheney (whom he at one point talked about as a cabinet member in a McCain presidency, for cryin' out loud!), or about the facts of war in Iraq, or about where the McBush war has put the American economy...

Fight the Smears won't change the Republican Party's love of mud. But it may change the effectiveness of a candidate so targeted's ability to respond. Once again, Barack Obama and his campaign have blazed new trails in powerful campaigning.


John, formerly of Uptown said...

It'd be nice to see something like that for the message boards & blogs of Uptown & Rogers Park!

Jacob S. Heiss said...

Dude, the folks with whom I'm staying in Princeton have literally every window of their house papered with Obama posters. The local DNC people mistook the joint for his New Jersey campaign headquarters!

Jacob S. Heiss said...

The people with whom I'm staying this summer in Princeton have literally papered every exposed window with at least one Obama poster. The local DNC / grassroots organizer mistook the joint for Obama's Princeton campaign headquarters!

Jon Trott said...


Is that house near the seminary campus? I was out there with Mike Hertenstein just a month or so back for the Envision 08 conference. (I should have blogged that, but somehow find myself still unable to articulate just how strange a ride it was.) Anyway, we stayed on campus and walked around nearby. One house in particular did indeed look very Obamaized! It would be a kick to know it was the house you'd been living in.