Saturday, March 04, 2006

Due to Trolls....

I've had to turn on the "moderated comments" feature of this blog. That means you will not likely see your comment posted right away; I have to okay it first. I'm so sorry, but I have my first bona-fide troll and we mustn't feed the little blighter by allowing him further silliness here or on my other blogs (which also have now had the moderated comments feature activated.)

PLEASE do not allow this to stop you from commenting; I am not going to start deleting comments of anyone disagreeing with me, even vehemently, here. The posts I'm blocking are those that mention individuals who are defenseless to protect either themselves or their family from the troll's public abuse of their names.


Koelpien said...

I'll leave a note here, as you don't seem to have an email address link on the blog.

Although you were (obviously) more intertwined with Cornerstone Magazine than me, a mere reader, you don't seem to have said much about its demise. As a longtime reader (since the 80's) I will greatly miss it. Was it purely a financial decision? Why no eulogy?

Jon Trott said...

Hmmm. I suppose no eulogy because, in many respects, it doesn't seem really gone to me. After all, it was us. We have the festival site -- -- and the forum there. We have these blogs... We have the Cornerstone Community Shelter where four (if I count right) of our main former mag folk ended up, running the shebang more or less.

There was something really special about Cornerstone magazine that I personally miss. But in light of nearly all the main players having moved on in themes and acts rooted in Cornerstone's themes... I find great encouragement.

Life is about looking back and looking forward... not to sound cheesy or Hallmarkish. And I think it will be exciting to see what God has on the horizon, now in fact has, for all of us.

Thanks for asking. And blessings.


DennyMo said...

Interesting the koelpien's comment was just posted yesterday: I only found out about CSMag's demise this afternoon. Every once in a while, I thought about sending you an address update and another check, wondered who was reading the copies you were probably still sending to all my old addresses... ;)

I miss the mag, still have most of mine in a box in the basement somewhere. One of these years, I need to get to Bushnell again.

Mundane Egg said...

I will greatly miss Cornerstone. It helped disciple me and also helped open my eyes to a type of Christianity that it hard to find down here in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

I turned an untold number of people onto the magazine since my first copy back in highschool in the 80's.

I too just found out about its demise.

Are there any other magazines like CS around? I would help in anyway of creating something else.

Not only did it help lay my spiritual foundation looking back at the website helped me get back in line with God...

I miss it dearly.