Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Peace of a Guilty Man

Lyrical moments come to me fairly often, but less often will I subject you to them. Hey, it is better than reading a blog on someone's pet cat.... I think.

The Peace of a Guilty Man
© 2006 Jon Trott

Dead beats dead and the iron sword
Falls upon the least of these
Wipe blood from blade, you heroes
Receive the reward, a leader’s pleased
As you do your damage worldwide
And I find my self involved with dread
You’re you I’m me and we profit
By the work you do over there making more

Dead dead dead dead dead dead and dying
Dead dead dead dead dead dead and dying

Bombs beat back the indigenous rage
But back it rushes to the new empty space
Head smacks bars of this spiritual cage
White dust settles on a young woman’s face
Her bloodless lips will never kiss his again
Her arms will not feel his body’s embrace
You’re you I’m me and we hang our heads
And every day there’s another case we must erase…

Dead dead dead...

I understand that might makes right; I’m bright
Enough to see the way this world works
Against the ones who hope for morning light
As opposed to the money grabbing lethal jerks
And down it tumbles, jumbles, rumbles – Night
Where the sound of guns or shaky last breath
Or soldier’s casual rape of a lover’s dear wife
Sucks the last bit of life and truth and hope from sight…

Dead dead dead...

All of us drunk, all suck this dark wine
Oh, Jesus, I wish I had Your hand in mine
But when I look at my own fingers I see blood
And over the land the sun sets like a sign
Red, red, and darkening into a sky-filled flood
Save me, Savior, a prayer I dare not decline
Forgive the murder in my name, make me brave
Enough to love and resist to the end of the line…

Dead dead dead... yet living.

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