Monday, August 07, 2006

Keep Israel Lethal: The abortion cooperative continues its work on Christians and Muslims

In light of Israel's bombing today of largely Christian sectors of Beruit, I thought a few more pictoral representations of the Keep Israel Lethal (KIL) abortion cooperative ought to be shown to my fellow American Christians. Remember, though many Democrats also support American weapons and money going to the KIL abortion providers, it is the Republican administration most wholeheartedly in support of the continued export of American instruments of abortion worldwide.

Interestingly, new abortion techniques developed by American geniuses and utilized by KIL in their current Lebanon efforts make difficult operations on pregnant women unnecessary. Both mother and child are aborted with minimal fuss or bother... other than the verbal flatulence necessary from KIL leaders capable of apologizing for killing civilians in one breath, then escalating the bombing of those same civilians in the next breath.

Christian pro-KIL writers such as Tim LaHaye, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, Gary Bauer and many others should be proud of their support of the ultra-modern abortion techniques now being used on Lebanese pre-born and post-born infants. (Just a suggestion, but wouldn't an End-Times novel featuring KIL as the good guys be a real block-buster?)

Here are more aborted babies from the KIL Abortionists working in Lebanon and their providers in Washington who pay for KIL's state of the art tools. Isn't it wonderful to see the American left and right working together to further the abortion industry worldwide?

Occasionally, as in the above photo, KIL technology can still lead to a botched abortion surviving.
But for those exposed to KIL technology, the more usual result is the above.

Makes one proud to be a KIL funder. Doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

You would blame the owner of the house if his dogs attacked a thief in the night and then you would exonerate the burglar. Your moral compass is broken.

Anonymous said...

You might be interested in those who pursue reality and truth vs propaganda. See videos below

Jon Trott said...

Anonymous... the video is apparently not available anymore. I've seen and heard this angle before, however, and always respond with the same question: Are you willing to show the same credulity to 9/11? That is, there are many conspiracy theories surrounding that event suggesting it was staged by (it is alleged) the United States and/or multinational corporations. No, I do not believe the 9/11 conspiracy theorists -- any more than I'm a fan of Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories. But to suggest that Hezbollah is better at P. R. than the United States / Israel nexus is either hysterically funny or just plain willful ignorance on your part. Keep those blinders on, son, or the sun might get to ya.