Monday, August 21, 2006

Will There Be Sex in Heaven?

For those of us who adore how God made wife to fit so well with husband -- you know, the same group that reads Song of Songs as an erotic poem rather than a spiritual allegory -- the question "Will there be sex in heaven?" is important. But few sermons are preached on that topic, alas, so we're all left hanging.

Peter Kreeft (the Catholic convert I gave a hard time to a few posts back, even though it was in the process of bashing an anti-Catholic book) offers a provoking and at points poetic thought piece that should at least provide a springboard for further discussion. Will there be sex in heaven? See what you think.

On a lighter note, I years ago wrote a poem for my dearling on the topic:

There Will Be No Marriage in Heaven

Oh, my love, remember.
Christ said there'd be no marriage in heaven.
I know the thought is shocking
For God to take back what He's given
But think on this before you pout
Allow your darling to figure it out

Romance a gift, the best our Lord gave us
(Except for Himself and His Church)
Between us is ravishing love for a life
And desire's fast-found when we search

So imagine a heaven where sex is a bore!
The things God must have awaiting in store!
We'll still be true lovers, but in some new way
Where some great pleasure waits--who can say?
So think on this before you cry
Allow your darling to offer his why

You don't like my reasons and high-sounding talk?
You don't want to lose me to heavenly love?
Oh, darling, it was heaven who made of us one
And who made all our pleasures of touch so much fun
Heaven will be for eternity
My love is from you and for you from me

This theologian's at loss to not make you cross
So... lets make sweet love! Close the door!

(c) 1994, 2000 Jon Trott, from Trees and Roots and Growing Things, Cornerstone Press

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