Monday, August 28, 2006

A Silly Poem Inspired by a Friend's Pet Chewing on a Book I Lent Him

(Note: "Kierkegaard" is pronounced "Keerk-e-gore" and not "Keerk-e-guard" as Americans tend to do...)

The Solitary Bunny

Rabbit reading Kierkegaard
Existential herbivore
Rabbit knows nowhere is safe
And yet he makes the leap of faith

(c) 2006 Jon Trott


ian said...

Very deep!!! I guess the rabbit got to your Blog spot also. It seems that the side-bar with your picture and blog-links disappears seconds after I click onto your site (this has happened all weekend).

Jon Trott said...

Argh! This (the sidebar "going away" -- actually dropping to the bottom of the page) happens ONLY in Microsoft Exploder, er, Explorer. I don't have a clue why. If I did, I'd manually hack the HTML code for the page and hopefully get it to behave.