Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Addicted to Blue

Yes, time for another arcane lyric. Think The Who meets Midnight Oil...

Addicted to Blue
by Jon Trott, (c) 2006

My paltry deeds done under the sun
Lead to my further insolence
The natural thing when I lose control
Is to rise and dress and visit Violence
He lives down on the Jersey shore
Has a condo lined with sharks on boards
Has armed henchmen that are short and thick
A bruised woman he strikes with his stick
And she looks at me but expects nothing
My girl before I threw her out for something

Humanity cannot be forfeited (so I say)
No matter what a man might do
We're doomed to remain ignorant
You're doomed to love me, and I to love you

My peacock proud strut as I spread tales
Blame you and others for my pain
Your deep'ning eyes of brown don't condemn
As I pour myself down Addiction's drain
He lives out on Wilson Avenue
Has nine women dressed in sharkskin blue
Has eight lawyers he calls the same first name
A stone heart and not one shred of shame
And you look at me and expect nothing
My girl before I threw you out for caring

Ah, dearling girl, it shades to black this blue
It shades to black, a lack that's true...
A lack of color we try to break through
Limbs are one as hearts beat - I still don't know you.

My holding on gone under this lit sky
Take me somewhere new and frightening
The surrender to that unknown Hope
Is inexplicable -- a life by drowning
His place is filled with pervs and thieves
And whores and one murderer - me
There you are, your eyes filled with diamonds
Next to Him Who loves you - Eternity
And He looks at me and demands everything
My God not unless He be my One Best Thing

Oh, my lady, it rises up in me, the color true
Incandescent Love that makes One of He me and you
Meaning to the rescue -- Addicted to Blue
All the colors of the rainbow run through You...

I'm addicted to You and you and You and you...
I'm stoned and blissed and never more true.

Addicted to Blue.

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