Monday, September 18, 2006

We Found Out

My dearling marching in Finland in 1972 as a member of
the European group "The Jesus Family"
(not to be mistaken for "The Family / Children of God")

Last night, my dearling and I attended a political rally of folks who'd not be considered at all evangelically proper. And in the midst, an old friend -- a bona-fide sixties-era radical who has struggled for the poor for decades in our neighborhood -- engaged me in conversation. His journey has in recent years taken on a decidedly theological turn. And as we talked, he softly told me that though remaining politically left of center, he and his wife had come to believe abortion was wrong. I realized his journey was far deeper, and far more foundational, than I'd imagined. We talked more, exploring the paths each of us have traveled in trying to listen to God, understand the theological underpinnings of our political activism and our search for meaning. Somehow, from that conversation, emerged this lyric.

We Found Out
(c) Jon Trott, 2006

Keep Strong Publishing ain’t around no more
I remember you in those days of peace and war
Idealists for change but the heart won’t switch
They called me a commie and called you a witch
We marched for the homeless started a tent city
Got ourselves arrested, angry, sick of pity
Zeal for justice burned within us like eternal flame
‘til we escaped to drugs and sex and blame

And then we found out…
And then we found out…
Jesus is the lover of the world as it is.
Jesus is the lover of the world.

The Jesus People communes where we fought for love
Soon became suburbs where we push and shove
Chase the dollar, raise a family, lose the shining eye
Mortgaged to the status quo our hearts slowly die
Come join the Christian right we’re right so right
Our roads diverge they're dark and we’re so bright
To us the cross is empty to them He still bleeds there
God enters in to the world’s despair

Yeah, then we found out…
And then we found out…
Jesus is the lover of the world as it is.
Jesus is the lover of the world.

I’m white I’m male I'm an American
Evil is externalized let’s crush its head again
The sixties were a mistake the fifties were so nice
We yearn for Christian America, I want my slice
“They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love” – who sings?
I don’t forget and won’t regret the covenant He brings
I want to touch your face and trace the lines of sorrow
Jesus loves you don’t you know, true today and true tomorrow

And now we found out…
And now we found out…
Jesus is the lover of our world as it is.
Jesus is the lover of our world.

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