Thursday, September 14, 2006

Little Miss Chaos

My wife Carol sometimes comes home from work with tears on her face. Other times, it is simply weariness. She deals with women and kids who have gone through a lot, some not through fault of their own, but a few who seem driven by what I long ago labeled "Chaos Addiction." After yet another episode, this one fairly scarey as well as sad, I came up with the below lyric.

Little Miss Chaos
(c) 2006, Jon Trott

Stop the drama I want to get off
Stop the opera before its tragic end
Stop screaming, scheming -- undreaming
dead are walking as lives bend

Living careless, no cause or effect
This moment’s feelings take the day
Giving flesh caress regress – dissect
hope fading, yet friends pray.

Little Miss Chaos
Your choices bullets in a child’s gun
Little Miss Chaos
You’re your own addiction
Little Miss Chaos
I wonder who’ll you’ll be before you’re done
I wonder how long before I'm forced to run…
From you.

The drugs, the sex, the pointless lie
The fun-house-mirror reflects you back
The random order thought to act
Leaves poisoned souls dead on the track

Redemption is a word unheard
Because you choose chaos instead
Roll in it and never ever begin it
Eat those husks for that willful head

Little Miss Chaos
Your unmade choice will always hurt
Little Miss Chaos
You’re your own addiction
Little Miss Chaos
Tiny Katrina in a scarlet skirt
You’ve ground love down into the dirt...

I see you in the eyes of an old woman
Old and bitter at nearly everyone
Except you.

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