Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ABC Nightline's Report on Rick Warren:

Rick Warren is one of those Church Growth guys. But ABC's Nightline tonight did a lame job of covering Warren, who is in my book probably the most interesting leader among 'megachurch' types. Warren, after all, has gotten involved in the African AIDS crisis. He's also taken a lot of the money from his book and done cool things for someone other than Rick Warren. (I wasn't bowled over by the book myself, but we did use it here at JPUSA and it was a good conversation starter.)

ABC, however, found a discussion on music styles (new vs. old) the centerpiece for their coverage. Sigh. Really would have enjoyed hearing Warren speak on anything from AIDS to Bush to Ted Haggard's fall (and what it means to, for, and about evangelicals). Instead, we endured a shallow discussion about music and Warren's alleged theological similarities with Joel Olsteen. Uh, no.

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