Friday, March 02, 2007

JPUSA, Helen Shiller, and Uptown: One Historical Link

A few years back... like maybe ten or twelve?... I wrote a history of Jesus People USA. The whole thing is exciting only if you really want a multi-part, fairly extensive, and of course somewhat biased (heck, I *live* here!) take on JPUSA.

But in light of the just-passed election, and of some pretty badly done revisionist history done lately of Uptown and Helen Shiller and even JPUSA ... I offer part 7 (or "Action--Social and Political, part 1) and part 8 ("Action--Social and Politicial, part 2) of my history of our life together at JPUSA, "Life's Lessons."

I am a bit embarrassed by how earnest I sound in these recountings of our intentional community's rise toward greater social consciousness. But at the same time, it does offer some interesting side notes and maybe even a little illumination on how a bunch of mostly a-political Jesus freaks got pulled in -- mostly against their will! -- to the socio-political cauldron of Chicago's Uptown and 46th Ward.

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