Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cornerstone Festival Line-Up Announced!

As many of you know, bluechristian (a.k.a. Jon Trott) is part of the community Jesus People USA, in turn the sponsor of Cornerstone Festival. This year's line-up of outstanding speakers can be found on the official CornerstoneXchange Seminar program page. Cornerstone Festival, by the way, has been Christianity's premier arts festival for nearly three decades, and we're just getting started.

A few of the speakers include:

Miroslav Volf on Identity, Otherness & Reconciliation
Shane Claiborne (& the "Jesus for President" Tour)
William Cavanaugh on "The Theopolitical Imagination"
Michael Spencer (aka Internet Monk)
Anthony Smith (aka Postmodern Negro)
Karen Sloan (Flirting With Monasticism)
Andy Whitman (Paste magazine) on Music
Crystal Downing (How Postmodernism Serves [My] Faith) and (A Good War is Hard to Find)
Gordon Melton on "Witch-Hunters & Cult-Busters"

And then there's Mimi Haddad, who happens to be the President of Christians for Biblical Equality as well as a dear friend to my wife Carol and I, offering "Mama Don't Preach."

There will be some dozen or two other speakers (a few listed below in the tags, many more on the afore-linked pages) and the usual mass of bands and musical troubadors of every style and substance artistically known to humanity (they may or may not have the kazoo artist back this year). Carol and I sure hope to see you at Cornerstone Festival this year!

For more on the music, the Flickerings 2008 film venue, and so much more, see the main Cornerstone Festival site.

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Koelpien said...

I'm a bit surprised to see DeGarmo & Key in the lineup; Is there a story behind this reunion you can share, Jon?

Jon Trott said...

Not really... I'm very little involved (like, not at all) with musical line-up choices. I do well remember DeGarmo & Key's first and second albums, both of which I thought extraordinarily good. The CCM bug caught up to 'em a bit after that, but I suspect even they would admit as much. I hope and expect the Cornerstone Fest '08 appearance to have a lot of that old material in it.

Joyce said...

I am really excited that I'll have the chance to see you and Carol this year. I'm going as a leader/chaperone with our church's youth group ... I've been labeled the C'stone veteran/expert so when I begged, er, asked to go with them (even though I don't serve regularly with the teens) they just couldn't say no to me! Haha!

I noticed you popped on to my brother's blog the other day. Come on by mine one of these days and say hey! (And if you notice, both Joe and I have you under our favorite links. One of these days, we'll get some respect! Hehe)