Sunday, October 05, 2008

Online Videos on Sex, Sensuality, and Christian Marriages

Can't say I have watched all these, but I've known Christian sex therapist Douglas Rosenau pretty well, and almost always recommend his book, Celebration of Sex, as the best Evangelical work on sexuality in marriage I know of. (Rosenau in turn included a bit of my old Cornerstone review of Celebration on its back cover.)

So get to the punch line, already! Okay, here's some introductory bits of free sex therapy on line from Doug and others. Some of it is quite frank, so be advised that it may not be suitable for younger internet users. A good resource for marrieds, engaged couples with lots of questions, and for singles who -- frankly -- wonder about sexual issues in a very confusing culture.

And one potential caveat: I cannot vouch for everything on this site, or even for every video in the long list. As a Christian egalitarian (a.k.a., biblical feminist) I'm always nervous recommending Christian marriage sites of any kind, as the hierarchalist viewpoint is so over-represented on such sites. Not saying this one is... but proceed with caution.


@bdul muHib said...

What makes "Celebration of Sex" better for you than Smedes' Sex For Christians?

Jon Trott said...

Ha! Smedes is a very thoughtful guy. But -- if I remember that book right -- he's more philosophical than practical, esp. when it comes to explicit marital advice (which is the place I'm coming from, no pun intended). If sexuality in general is a topic, I'd also add in some of the writings from Stan Grenz, as well as other sex therapists (such as many of Clifford and Joyce Penners' books). Truthfully, what is the best part of Celebration of Sex consists of the lengthy relational guidance he strongly urges couples to pursue before and during their sex play... very non-aggressive tone for those sexually injured in their pasts, also, which in this sorrowful age is extra-important.

Thoughts on Smedes, though... fire away!