Thursday, November 06, 2008

BlueChristian's Election 2008 in Pictures

Instead of much text this time, I thought I'd offer some personal pictures of my family's 2008 election experience. Oh, and here's a very silly Obama moment we got on film...

And now that silliness is out of the way, here are some pics I took while being an Election Judge at a Precinct near our house:

I did sneak the above pic without really compromising anyone's anonymity as they voted... though it wasn't a secret who was voting for who... the final tally in this precinct was 331 some for Obama vs 21 for McCain.

Blue Christian (a.k.a., Jon Trott, yours truly) holds a royal flush of voter touchscreen cards (the little machine in front of me activates the cards for use in a touchscreen voting machine). Katy, my fellow judge, looks on.

Two of our fellow judges are keeping a lock on the main balloting machine/box.

Katy, Julie (a fellow JPUSAn), and Trina our PPA (the one that fixes it when we Judges manage to mess up the computer touch screen). The day was wildly busy through the entire morning, but slowed down in the afternoon. Everyone had the idea to vote early this year.

My grand daughter Naya again, wearing her Aunt Tamzen created Obama shirt, which while not fully visible here, reads: "OBAMA - I need a change. No, not my diaper."

Grant Park pics from my four children (plus the two boys' wives) who went down to see it all happen may be forthcoming...


@bdul muHib said...

Was that her first word?!? You must have a very holy and devout grandchild! Expect great things from her one day.

Hail Naya, full of baraka!

Marty Phillips said...

hey Julie, I am proud to have so many JPUSA Republican Judges this year along with our Proud Dem Judges.

KTown said...

You cried when Obama won. How silly.

I used to cry at Mike Warnke's concerts. He was a great speaker who motivated me in my walk with Christ. Does the fact that his testimony was a fraud invalidate that experience? No. Because my hope is in God, not in any man. That's why I feel like you are a contradiction. On one level you seem to suggest being above politics (maybe that's a wrong assumption on my part) but there you sit with an Obama shirt on. Everybody in your family flips when a little baby says his name.
That made me feel ill.

It's interesting how you can be so skeptical and naive at the same time.

As I read through some of your material I found myself at times agreeing with you and then being almost engulfed in a feeling of dread at the prospect of your world view. Weird.

I used to read Cornerstone a bit and always enjoyed the intellectual vigor as well as the honesty. But I feel you have found yourself with too much time on your hands.

This is something I wrote that might interest you.

P.S. Politically, I am independant. Did not vote for either major candidate.

I wish you well.

@bdul muHib said...

I can see your walk with Christ has filled you with a great deal of grace, KTown.

ktown said...

@bdul muHib,

I guess you were being sarcastic, although, I'm not sure of the motivation of your comment. I didn't think I was being caustic.

Please expound.