Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Da Pix 2006: Cornerstone Festival and "Cornerstone yoU"

Look who showed up with two Cornerstone fest-goers (one visible to the right)!
Showed up in cardboard form, that is... what's that?
He ALWAYS shows up in -- stop that! Sadly, I think the sign was a bit tongue-in-cheek.

It was a great one this year. As the guy dealing with Cornerstone yoU, our seminars, speakers, and tents, it was pure pleasure to watch the interaction between speakers and fest-goers. While dashing about doing this and that, or taking in a seminar, or even participating as a speaker, my experiences were uniformly memorable.

Here's a few more pictures from an admittedly sub-par photographer.

These guys were the numbskulls waiting around in the Imaginarium
before the festival actually started. They ended up pretty controversial, though
I thought them quite well behaved. For those who want to build their own
paper mache skulls, Mike Hertenstein used a balloon to start things off,
pasting the glue-soaked paper to the balloon thereafter. Cool faces?
Ya gotta be a better artist than I am; Mike did a great job!

Steven Evans explores the meaning of Soren Kierkegaard's critique of the Church
in his day to our Church in our day. The audience interaction during
this "tent filled to capacity" seminar was absolutely amazing; you haven't
lived until you've watched a twenty-something punker interact with a philosophy prof
on the meaning of Kierkegaard's concept of dread.

Like I said about the Project 12 Tent... filled to capacity. These folks are listening
to Glenn Kaiser and Tom Cameron discuss music, the web, and related media outreach.

The "Gender Revolution" Tent may be controversial to some, and that's alright. We
had a spirited discussion over various issues related to women fully expressing their
gifts and callings, and the tent often filled. I spent much of my time here, as I often do.

A few of the many small signs posted on the back wall of the
Gender Revolution Tent; sobering reminders of women's fate since the Fall.

I'm going to post a seperate bit on Christians for Biblical Equality,
the Gender Revolution
Tent, and my experiences there.

Christine Sneeringer (pictured), John Smid, and others who've left gay lifestyles
testified to Christ's ongoing work in their lives at the Passages Tent. We're
blessed by their witness not only to others struggling with homosexuality, but
also to those of us heterosexuals struggling with sexual wholeness. As I told Christine,
"I think the so-called 'ex-gay' community can -- and does -- teach us so-called
'heterosexual Christians' a whole lot about sexual temptation, sin, and purity."

Cliff Kindy of Christian Peacemaker Teams talks about his experiences in being
a nonviolent witness and minister in Iraq. The "Court of Miracles" (social issues) Tent
remains one of the Cstone yoU's most vital elements.

Sorry I didn't get more photos, but I hope this gives a taste of what you saw,
or missed. Don't miss it next year!
I will next post the CBE/Gender Revolution reflections,
when I'm able to get to it that is.


Beyond Words said...

Hi, John. This was the best year ever at Cornerstone. So much more goes on than the "carnival." I need the wider culture of the fest to keep my perspective on the diversity of the church, and keep my mind open to the creative work of the Spirit.

You hit it on the head about it being the "most wide-open, no-questions-barred, place there is for intellectual discussions on anything."

You got my picture there in the Gender Revolution tent. I'm the lady with the wild curly hair, bandana and white shirt next to the big, cute bald guy in the orange shirt.

Being Made said...

I really enjoyed your photos and the general summary of your weekend. I grew up not far from Bushnell, and Cornerstone was an every summer deal for me (though I cheated and went home to shower) for quite some time. The pictures made me homesick. It sounds like there was some EXCELLENT dialogue this year, and I'm sorry I missed it.

Matt Stone said...


Given your last comments on the judaizing controversy you may be interested in my post here: