Monday, July 31, 2006

Sweet Unbeliever

I suppose this is my way of doing evangelism, though some might find it more anti-evangelistic than otherwise. I really ought to split off all the lyrical content from this blog and put it somewhere else -- another blog of its own? -- but don't have the energy for that. Besides, all three of you reading this expect these abnormal lyrical outings.... don't you?

Sweet Unbeliever

Jon Trott © ShonkinTunes, 2006

You’d like to spit me out of your mouth
Step on me like an insect
I’m the virus that infects your dreams
I’m the love you now regret
I’m the music that’s too syncopated
The dance that’s too erotic
Am I preaching with a southern twang?
My truth makes you psychotic

You’d like to spit me out of your mouth
You’d like to spit me out of your mouth
Oh, yeah.

You’d like to wipe me up like someone’s puke
Find new ways to make me die
I’m the sweat beneath your well-dressed arm
I’m the tear you cannot cry
I’m music you can’t use to sell things
The story you know but ignore
I’m your lover – drink my blood, now
You can’t run anymore.

You’d like to spit me out of your mouth
You’d like to spit / split / hit me… oh, yeah.
You’d like to spit me out of your mouth
But I know your heart is breaking
Sweet Unbeliever.

1 comment:

ian said...

Jon, Keep up the lyrical content. I find in my own journaling etc., that putting things in a lyrical (dare i say poetic) manner helps me encapsulate my thoughts in a way prose only obscures. Although I do not necessarily agree 100% with everything you write (sometimes less than 60%), be it prose or poem, I nevertheless thank the Lord for the fact that you have been used to shake up my often one dimensional self-satisfied thinking.

This new lyric definitely touches on a topic that too many of us fail to care much about. Do we not realize that our politics, economics, and religion often alientate more people, due to our underlying pietistic hypocrisy, than it does from any real sense of righteousness? How many sweet unbelievers would be people of faith today if the only scandal lived out in front of them was the scandal of Jesus' death and resurrection, expressed within the life of His Church?

Well, hopefully I haven't mutilated too badly the sentiments and ideas expressed in your verses. God bless!