Wednesday, July 26, 2006

News and Notes

Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) has published an edited version of my admittedly existential presentation from Cornerstone Festival 2005, "Are Men Really Human," in the latest issue of Mutuality magazine. Needless to say, I'm quite honored to be of help in CBE's outreach. And I really liked how they used some photos of mine... though for those, you'll have to buy the mag, I guess, or join CBE and get the mag as part of the deal.

An unedited (pretty long) version of "Are Men Really Human" exists on my blog of the same name.

Other notes: I've made a few minor additions to already-existing blog entries. Notably, I put a short addendum on birth control to the Rock for Life entry, and a couple additions (incl a new quote from her) on the Dwayna Litz controversy post.

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