Monday, March 17, 2008

BlueChristian's better half picked as finalist in "Chicago Woman of the Year" Contest - Help her win?

This blog is all about voting. But for once, I'm not talking Obama.

Carol Elaine Trott has been chosen from around 1200 Chicago women as one of 10 finalists. Oh, did I mention she's my wife? If she wins, a sizable donation will be made to Cornerstone Community Outreach, the shelter program she's part of and which serves hundreds of homeless women, children, and intact families.

If you would like to help Carol win, you can vote for her here (her link is lower on the page):

You can vote once every day!

If the above link malfunctions (which some folks tell me it does, though it does not on any of my machines or browsers (in both Ubuntu Linux and Windows), go here:

and then click on the orange "vote for a finalist" button.

Here's her bio from the page itself:

Carol Elaine Trott is a survivor of two cancers, a caregiver / caseworker involved with Chicago's Leland House Project (a second-stage shelter program for homeless women with children), and a mother and grandmother as well as dear wife.

As a young woman in the early 1970s, Carol toured England and Europe with a rock opera, "Lonesome Stone," which was recorded as an album. Before it ended in 1973, the musical briefly toured the United States as well.

Carol survived two cancers -- thyroid and breast -- which doctors say had no relationship to one another. They appeared within one year of one another. After surgery and radiation, and during chemotherapy for the aggressive form of breast cancer, Carol continued her work at Leland House. Currently, she has been cancer free for 7 years.

At Leland House, Carol functions as caseworker to up to eighteen women at a time, as well as their children. Many of these women came from confused and even drug-influenced backgrounds. Carol rejoices in their every victory, and suffers keenly when one of them fails.

At home among her family, and as part of an intentional community located in inner-city Chicago, Carol uses her hands to create a near-legendary apple pie, to offer up her unique hand-made one-at-a-time greetings cards, and to co-participate with her husband in pro-woman causes and political action.

Carol Elaine Trott is an extra-special woman, serving her fellow human beings with acts of love for her entire adult life.

And again, the link to vote:

The alternative if the above doesn't work: followed by clicking on the "vote for a finalist" button there.


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@bdul muHib said...

Wow! Congratulations, Carol! Who is this group that's giving he awards? Is voting restricted to Chicagoites? (Chicagoi?)

Jon Trott said...

No, it is not restricted to Chicagoites. Have at it! Hehehe.

Joyce said...

Fantastic! I voted today and will continue to cast my vote every day. If anyone deserves this award, it's Carol!

Please tell us the story about how she got nominated.

Jon Trott said...


Carol got nominated because... well, I nominated her! Hehehe. But the fact she made it to the top 10 meant she both got a good number of votes and that they liked her bio enough to put her there...

Whisky Prajer said...

Hey, kewl -- even Canuckle-heads get to vote! (Of course, this means she's forfeiting her crown in Heaven.)

All the best,