Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Evangelicals for Obama" Fundraising page...

his is an experiment of sorts.
I thought it would be of interest to see what happens if we Obama evangelicals (post-evangelicals, "Jesus believers," and other Christians) actually donated from one page -- Evangelicals for Obama -- within the Obama site rather than just going in the main page. Yes, this page is set up so that all donations go directly to the Obama campaign. I don't touch 'em, see 'em, or know (until I look at the little thermometer on the right side of the pages) if anyone's made a donation.

There's also a silly poster for you to view, and many of you will laugh. Some will scratch their heads. And a few of the more artistically inclined will mutter "Blasphemy!"

The actual URL to the link above is

Just in case you want to email it or file it away.

Please do visit just to see my silly poster if nothing else. If you don't get the poster's cultural significance, post here and I'll explain it. But know that you will be in trouble with anyone versed in the 1960s.

So... skuse me, while I kiss the sky.

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