Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obummer: "Is race an important factor in your vote?"

Well... it was an Obummer for Obama last night... but with a net gain of only a few (as in four or five, maybe less) delegates, Hillary had a good night that in the end isn't going to affect things that much. I was quite upset, though, by an MS-NBC breakdown of the Ohio and Texas vote. According to their talking heads last night, they asked voters in both states "Is race an important factor to your vote?"

In Ohio... 20% of the voters reported back that yes, race was an important consideration in their vote. 3 of 4 of these voters voted for Clinton.

In Texas, 10% of the voters said that race was an important consideration. A "majority" of those voters also voted for Clinton.

That's disturbing, alright... and isn't it odd that Ohio appears by the above to have more, uh, racially challenged folks than Texas? Hmm. Score one for the Lone Star state.

Oh, and Rush Limbaugh's stunt of asking his Republican listeners in Texas and Ohio to vote for Hillary (because she's easier to beat than Obama) seemed to have worked. Texas MSNBC pollsters found a goodly number of Republican Hillary voters, and many did indeed credit Sir Limbaugher with their clever voting idea.

Hooray, ain't democracy great?!

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