Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hillary Clinton to Wyoming: "My Best Job was Sliming Fish"

I haven't seen anyone mention this bit from a speech Hillary gave today in Wyoming. So I TiVo'd it, typed it in, and here ya go. Is there a parallel between gutting fish and running for President? Well... in Hillary Clinton's case, according to her own words, yes.

"The best job I ever had in preparation for running for office was a job I had sliming fish. It was in Valdez, Alaska. I was in a salmon fishery where they brought in the salmon and they had some experts from Japan who were there and split the salmon open and took out the caviar and then they threw them in a big pile and I was there in hip boots with a spoon. And my job was to clean out everything else. And I've often reflected back on what preparation that turned out to be for the current life that I have chosen."

And with that, she moved on to another topic.

Today, Hillary also (for at least the fourth or fifth time) attacked the likely Democratic Party nominee, Barack Obama, while praising her party's opponent, John McCain.

"John McCain has a lifetime of experience," she said. "I have a lifetime of experience. [Barack Obama] has a speech he gave in 2002."

Hmm. Sliming fish. Maybe it is a more apt analogy to her brand of politics than she meant it to be. It certainly is experience... of a slippery, even nasty, kind.

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@bdul muHib said...

Wow. I've never heard her mention this job. She was up working in the AK fishery?!? That's hard work- and demeaning work. I find it hard to believe. But if so, I have a bit more respect for her.

blackstone said...

Ive heard her mention this before i think during a debate when they were asked about past jobs. I think Obama gave best answer because Hillary and Edwards flowered their past jobs up and tried to correlate it to now.

Jon Trott said...

I noted your blogs have to do with Marxist theory applied to America today... Do the folks you blog with tend to disavow the current electoral process? Asking only because I'm honestly curious.