Monday, March 03, 2008

Plug -- Plug -- Plug. Obamariffic Obamistic Obamadvert

Jon's "better than sitting around waiting for Ohio and Texas" post... for contributing to Barack Obama. Give me your nickles, your quarters, your chewing gum wrappers!

Below is the text from my "Evangelicals for Obama" fundraising page on the Barack Obama website (not to be confused with another "Evangelicals for Obama" group which is much more popular than mine... boo hoo, just like high school!). If after reading this my persuasive techniques rate a 10, click here:

If you think I'm a loon, contribute directly to me, preferrable caffeine, as it does have medicinal value.

The spiel:


We're all used to our proper places at the political table. And Evangelical Christians seem cemented in at that table's far right end.

A strange place, an observer might say, for disciples of Jesus to sup. Far from that other supper the first disciples ate together with their Lord...

Are we content to remain in that same seat? There are no real demands on us there. We hear what they think we like to hear. But maybe we don't like hearing it any more? Maybe we're haunted by poverty in our own nation even as in Iraq we spend trillions of dollars and take hundreds of thousands of lives -- while also sending our own brave soldiers to their deaths. Or maybe we've awakened to the cynical uses our faith has been put to by people who -- not all that privately -- have mocked that faith as naivety.

And now Barack Obama is talking of hope, of community, of respectfully working together with our neighbors to create a different America, one not as divisive and angry as our nation has been. Some will say of our little band of Christians, it's naivety part II to "buy in" to this HOPE thing! But hope with eyes open is not naivety, and cynicism is just a clever form of despair.

Barack Obama is committed to changing the political process by building a campaign built on a broad base of support from ordinary Americans. Does he include evangelicals in that number? He does now. And unlike the present administration, he not only listens, but pursues American citizens as co-participants in giving hope hands and feet.

I've set my own personal fundraising goal for the campaign, which you can see in the thermometer to the right. It isn't a huge goal at present. But it is big enough to challenge us while small enough to be doable. And who knows... if we can meet a small goal together, what other goals might we meet?

Will you make a donation to help us reach our goal?

[Again, the web url:]

[Small bits of the above are shamelessly lifted from the "boilerplate" paragraphs the Obama people give those setting up such pages. But since I fancy I can write, I tossed their good suggestions for the mess above.]

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