Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hey, Hillary and John... are YOU experienced?

Sometimes, only Photoshop lets me get my angst out.

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Re Barack Obama's alleged lack of experience... First, when did either McCain or Clinton actually get any specifically presidential experience? That is, has either of them faced declaring war? (Oops, they BOTH did! And they voted WRONG on Iraq!) So tell me just how this alleged "experience" of their proves anything... if it in fact even exists, which is highly doubtful?

In a word, wisdom trumps experience. Every time. Obama's got it. His two, uh, band mates don't. So rock on, Barack Obama... here's hoping you "kiss the sky" for us real soon!

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Julio Rey said...

So where's Ron Paul?

Jon Trott said...

He was originally in the band, but drowned in a Las Vegas brothel's swimming pool under suspicious circumstances. They're making a movie... (HAHAHAHAHA...)